The X Factor live shows to kick off with 80s week

Every year The X Factor judges bang on about contestants being 'current' - with Gary Barlow even berating hopeful Stephanie Woods for singing an old fashioned song at The Arena auditions this time round.

So we were a little bit baffled by today's revelation that the first theme for this year's live shows will be '80s week'. Errrr, Gaz Baz - what happened to all this current business?

X Factor Sunday auditions round up: Lydia Lucy, Next of Kin, Kingsland and Stephanie Wood images -

Yep, constestants that make it through this weekend's Judges' Houses will have to sing tracks that are two decades old for their live show debut.

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With the likes of Whitney Houston, Madonna and Bon Jovi dominating the 1980s charts there is a huge range of awesome tunes to choose from - we suppose the challenge will be giving them a 'modern twist' (which we predict the judges will say approx 56.7 times).

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The live shows will also debut a new 'Flash Voting' system, designed to shake up the elimination process and give viewers more power.

You're going to want to settle in for the long run when the lives do kick off too - the first episode is a marathon two hours and 15 minutes long. THAT'S LONGER THAN SOME FILMS.

What do you reckon to this news?

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