X Factor Bingo is back! Play along live with Sugarscape

If you've got anything planned this weekend, you're going to need to clear your diaries because the X Factor live shows are going to take over your evenings. Not only do you have an excuse to lie on the sofa singing along and judging contestants for crying in public BUT you get to play X Factor Live Show Bingo with us!

We hate to boast but it seems fair to say that the best X Factor game is back and not only can you get involved as the shows happen, but you've got the perfect excuse to name and shame the judges and contestants for conforming to every cliche you would expect from a reality telly talent show.

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Play X Factor Live Show bingo with Sugarscape. X Factor images - sugarscape.com

If you've got no idea what we're blabbing on about, that aim of the game is to tick off the squares as the show takes place and whoever gets most boxes ticked off wins! It works equally well with rewarding yourself with a biscuit every time you get a box, just FYI.

We'll be playing over on twitter @sugarscape, but we're going to need you to tweet us when you see something happens that means a box needs ticking off.

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So if you want to have more fun than should be legally acceptable for a night that involves nothing more strenuous than shoving pizza in your gob in a onesie, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR BINGO CARD.


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