X Factor reject Lorna Simpson slams the show as a fix: 'They set me up to go out in the first week'

The final 12 X Factor contestants headed through to live shows last weekend, and every single one of them did a little sacrifice before they went on stage to pray that they wouldn’t be the first one to be kicked off. Obviously, Lorna Simpson should have gone for a bigger goat*, because she got the boot after going head to head with Shelley Smith in the sing off.

*X Factor contestants probably did not really sacrifice goats on Sunday night. Just incase you were wondering.

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Anyway, not that she’s bitter about it or anything, but Lorna has wasted no time in slamming the X Factor, blaming her swift exit not on public opinion, but on the show being an absolute FARCE. So there.

Lorna Simpson

Lorna has accused X Factor bosses of manipulating the viewers votes by editing the sob story footage shown of certain acts in the hope of gaining the sympathy vote. Lorna spilled to The Sun that while the big wigs have got their favourites, she definitely wasn’t one of them. OOOH, mardy bum.

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“It’s unfair. X Factor set me up to go out in the first week. They underplayed me... it was set up. They know the outcome of the whole competition. It’s prepared. It’s TV and they have to be ahead.”

"I had some middle-aged woman’s wardrobe. I’m 26! Why are you trying to hide me? You’ve hidden me enough. With my styling and being cloned as a Whitney. I’ve done other songs, I’m versatile, but I wasn't able to show the public who I am."

Lorna Simpson

Oh flippin’ hec. As if all that moaning wasn’t enough, she’s also a bit cheesed off that her boot camp audition was never even shown on TV, which she blames for the reason loads of people didn’t remember seeing her before the live shows.

“It was like I jumped from the audition room to Boot Camp," she said. "Of course I sat there with my family ready to watch episodes but my arena audition wasn’t ever shown." Bit awkward.

So someone’s a bit of a sulky knickers. What do you lot think about what Lorna had to say? Reckon she’s right about the bosses fixing votes a bit?

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