Ariana Grande does YouTuber Alfie Deyes' makeup, and it ain't pretty (but it is funny) - WATCH

Ariana Grande is so flippin’ beautiful that she doesn’t really need any makeup, we spose. And let’s be honest, Alfie Deyes from PointlessBlog on YouTube is pretty hot stuff already, so he probably doesn’t mess around with the old guyliner all too often. THEREFORE, we’d guess that if you stuck the two of them in a room with a load of makeup, and asked Ariana to do Alfie’s makeup, the results might not be too hot.

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Errr, turns out we were very right, but while the makeup look might have been a bit of a disaster, the video showing the whole thang is pretty daaang funny. HURRAH.

Alfie and Ariana

Alfie met Ariana as part of YouTube’s YouGeneration scheme, to talk about Ariana’s brand new show Sam and Cat, which she stars in alongside Jennette McCurdy. Jennette ended up getting the chance to snog Oli White, so we’d say that they probably got the better deal of these interviews....

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Ariana showed off her flawless foundation application skills, she gave us a lesson in exactly how to contour, and she knew exactly what she was doing when it came to a smokey eye. Sort of.

Alfie Deyes

OH WOW. What a special shot.

Alfiana (what a cracking shipping name) have a bit of a bonding sesh with a lot of face touching, and by the end it looks like they’re pretty good mates. Gotta be honest, if we weren’t such massive Zalfie and Nariana fans, we’d probably want them to get married. BUT ALFIE AND ZOE, AND NATHAN AND ARIANA FOREVS.

Alfie and Ariana

You can check out the hilarious full vid below, and we’d just like to tell you all that you should never do your makeup like this. You’ll get some very dodgy looks...

And Alfie, we'd definitely rather snog you without the pink lippie on, if that's cool with you.

AGH, how good was that? Are you loving seeing Ariana and Alfie doing a video together? Who’s your fave YouTuber at the moment? Let us know whatcha thinking in the comments below.

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