The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director forced to 'cut bloodiest scenes' to secure PG-13 rating

Hunger Games week

With a film franchise that involves teenagers being plucked from their loving families to head off in a terrifying arena to slaughter as many other people as possible in the quickest time with various galumphing weapons, you’d probably expect a few good old gory bits.

A sliced-off ear here? A hacked-up leg there? A face completely inflated by tracker jacker bees? Yeah, we wouldn’t be all that shocked to see any of those things in the new Hunger Games film, but apparently the big wigs on the Film Board weren’t exactly so keen on the gore that comes with the action-packed movie.

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Hunger Games

Chatting about the new release starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence confessed that it was a bit tricky to convince the important people that a kids film could have so much violence in.

“We didn’t have too many issues with the ratings board...” Francis explained to the BBC, which by the sounds of it means it was an absolute pain in the mockingjay to get through the rules and regulations.

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“We had to go back and cut a couple of frames, adjusted some volume, took a little bit of blood out... but it was very little that we had to do”, he reassured.

Jennifer Lawrence

In the end, Catching Fire managed to bag its 12A/PG-13 rating despite the flying arrows and stabby tridents, meaning that whatever age you are you can pop along and get mentally traumatised by all the violence from November 21st. KIDDING.

What do you think about the new film having the goriest scenes cut to keep its lower rating certificate? Would you like to see it a bit more hard-hitting, or is it violent enough for you?

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