Miley Cyrus told to 'keep it clean' after refusing X Factor UK performance pre-record

Having seen her rub her bum all over Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs and then light a spliff on live television at the EMAs last weekend, we really wouldn't be all that surprised if Miley Cyrus got up on X Factor this weekend and magicked a Liam Hemsworth mask out of her fanny.

Apparently we aren't the only ones interested in what Miley has in store, but bearing in mind the show goes out on ITV before the watershed, producers have apparently already warned the singer she'll get in big trouble if she does anything too risqué.

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Miley Cyrus performs Wrecking Ball at the 2013 MTV EMAs in Amsterdam - images -

Set to take to the stage on the results show this weekend, it seems likely that Miley will arrive in full, fanny waggling glory. That said, we probably won't get anything too contentious as apparently the production team have had a bit of a word after she refused to pre-record the performance, preferring to do it live.

"Miley has been read the riot act and told it’s a family show and none of her recent behaviour will be acceptable," a show insider apparently told The Daily Star. “She has been banned from smoking, swearing, twerking provocatively or implying any kind of sex act while on stage.

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“She has been warned her performance will be cut short if she breaks any of the rules.”

Well, we suppose she has already been a pretty bad influence on the minds of innocents...

Miley Cyrus Harry Styles twerking

That's not it though and apparently her refusal to tell show execs what she's planning to wear has got them worried she's going to show up showing off her, erm, assets in all their glory.

Miley was booked to perform on the show ages ago - months before her shocking performances of late," the source added.

“Then we saw the video of Wrecking Ball with her riding around naked and realised anything was possible."

So no riding in naked on a camel dressed as Robin Thicke, then? Shame.

What do you make of all this?

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