Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing ALREADY cheated on Lucy Watson while partying with models in Miami?

So the other day we were almost knocked off our spinny chairs to hear that Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing had revealed that he was officially dating ‘UP IN MA GREEELL’ Lucy Watson. We actually squealed out loud with romantic joy, could we finally have a Chelsea couple that would just be plain adorable and ditch the drama?

Errr, OBVIOUSLY NOT, because just a couple of days ago, Jamie was pictured snogging the face off a blonde model while livin' it up Chelsea style in Miama. Le sigh.

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Jamie and Lucy

Obviously, we’re too skint to afford the actual pictures of said sloppy snogs which took place on an expensive looking yacht, but Jamie was spotted having a good solid game of tonsil tennis and a cheeky squeeze with hot stuff blonde model.

The weird thing is, Jamie hasn’t exactly been sneaky and secretive about his flirty hol with the babealcious blonde, as he’s been filling his Twitter and Instagram with pics of the two of them hanging out with Spenny and a mystery brunette.

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Errr, Jamie… do you not WATCH Made In Chelsea? Your self-confessed girlfriend Lucy, who you said has “always been the one” and you were going “to treat like a princess”, is a fierce lady. We predict you’ll end up with a mojito chucked over you very soon young man.

But judging by these pics, there's definitely cause for Lucy to get up in someone's grill PRONTO.

Jamie Laing and Chloe Lloyd

Even more confusingly, when Jamie touched back down on British soil, he tweeted a snap of Queen of the sassy eye roll Lucy, who’d arrived at the airport to drive him home... Say whut now?

WE ARE BAFFLED. Are they sticking to Louise and Andy’s rule of it being fine to snog other people when IN a relationship, but then going mental if it happens after they’ve broken up?

GAHD, posh people are so stressful. What do you think of the news that Jamie has been snogging other girls while apparently dating Lucy?

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