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With the Royal Wedding we've all got princes on the mind! To celebrate, Lynne Tapper, author of 'Living With Feet Too Big For A Glass Slipper' has devised a quiz so you can work out which prince is perfect for you.
Take this quiz to find out if you would be Mollie, Frankie, Una, Vanessa or Rochelle from The Saturdays!
Ever wondered which member of the Sonny With A Chance cast would be your ideal date? Find out with this fun quiz.
Ever wondered if you'd be Audrina, Kristin, Stephanie or Heidi on our favourite reality show? Well now you can take our quiz to find out!
This year's most romantic tear jerker DEAR JOHN is in cinemas April 14. Take our quiz and find out if John would be the perfect man for you!
Ever since the very first episode of 'Glee' we've been going back and forth on which girl we'd most like to be. Thanks to this awesome quiz, we can finally figure out who we're actually most like. Give it a try...
We want to know whether Kev, Nick or Joe is the right Jonas for you to celebrate Disney Interactive Studios new Jonas game, which is out now exclusively on the DS.
Take our quiz to see what 2010 will deliver. Will you be a high achiever like Miley, have a life changing romance like Katy, come out of your shell like GaGa or find your feet like Cheryl?
Take our quiz to find out if you're most like Miley Cyrus, her alter ego Hannah Montana or country sensation Taylor Swift!
One Hill Tree Hill: Season 6 is bursting onto DVD on October 5 and in homage to the love triangle between the show’s characters Lucas, Brooke & Peyton we have made a quiz to see who you are most like!
Friends quiz
Are you quirky and creative like Phoebe, a lovable control freak like Monica or a forgetful fashionista like Rachel? Take our Friends quiz and find out...
Is your style cool like Silver or preppy like Annie? Take our quiz and find out!