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Beta refers to a pre-release website, which may have more bugs than a regular release, that is usually only open to a select group of people. That means you're pretty special to us!


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Yes, we love a bit of celeb gossip!

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Did you know that Paris Hilton has NINE little doggies? Some think they're cute, some call them rats...


As in Zac. FIT!


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As in me!

Yes Sugarscape is all about you you you.

Jack Black

He is well funny. Innit.


Check out some cute ones here


When are they going to start selling peanut butter M&Ms in the UK?? They taste sooo good!


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Yes, they're the worst things ever and no, we don't have any!


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On, users are called Scapers.


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Erm, that's the best we can do for that one!


A very old song by Coldplay


Catch some, they're good for you!