Justin Bieber has the most liked Instagram photo of 2013, with nearly 1.5 million likes on one pic

Justin Bieber’s Instagram page is a treasure trove of all sorts of delights. Fancy a selfie of his little face looking a bit like he might need a poo? It’s the place to go. How about a few snaps of his slighty dodgy graffiti? Yup, they’re all there for your eyes only.

So seeing as he’s like, the king of social media, you might not be too surprised to hear that Justin has officially bagged himself the ‘most liked’ Instagram photo of 2013. Tres impessive el Biebo, but he did need a bit of help from a celeb pal.

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Justin Bieber

So which snap was it, we hear you cry. Was it that one with Barbara Palvin that sent Selena Gomez into a spin? Nope. Maybe the one where he revealed his sleeve tattoo? Neigh. How about when he put up a picture of his bare arse then deleted it? Sadly not.

The particular photo taking the title features the Bieberzoid posing alongside the one and only fresh prince, Will Smith, and was uploaded back in August. Since then, it’s managed to rack up an insane 1.5 million likes. And it’s STILL GOING.

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On Friday, Instagram big wig Kevin Systrom revealed on The Today Show that Bieber had bagged the most liked pic of the year, explaining: “I just think that people love pictures of people and it seemed like a fun picture, they were having fun.”

We would still quite like it to have been the bum.

Justin Bieber

Even though the pic didn’t show anything particularly cray cray (other than the largest gold necklace EVER), Justin captioned the snap ‘Me and Uncle Will’, which is so frickin’ cool that we thing it deserves about five times as many likes. We wish we could call him Uncle Will.

As an extra nugget of info, Kevin also revealed that “#love,” was the most commonly used hashtag of the year, followed by “Throwback Thursday” and “Food.” Everyone loves a good pic of themselves in the 90s, or a particularly delish looking burger.

Glad to see that Justin and Will's snap bagged the most likes in 2013, or would you rather it was something else? Let us know in the comments box.

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