One Direction's Niall Horan to undergo knee surgery in America with a ten day hospital stay?

Being a bit of an expert at the Irish jig, Niall Horan is ACTUALLY sometimes referred to by his closest friends as Lord of the Dance, because he's no stranger to busting a few moves on stage with the rest of the One Direction boys. But it sounds like he’s going to have to put his impressive high kicking skills on the shelf for a while, as it’s been reported that he’s heading into hospital for a bit of knee surgery soon.

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Oh Nialler, if you happen to need an official pillow plumper, someone to spoon feed you strawberry jelly, or an assistant for your sponge baths while you're all bandaged up, we’re 100% available. PLEASE.

Niall Horan

According to The Sun this morning, Niall will be going under the knife for some major surgery on the dodgy knee which has PLAGUED his dance routine possibilities for a while now. The Macarena has always just been a wee bit difficult for him.

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It’s reported that Niall wants to get his pesky knee in good working order for the Where We Are world tour which kicks off in Dublin in May, so he’s jetting to the States next week to check into an exclusive medical clinic, where he’ll be staying in care for ten days.

A source told the paper that “Niall has battled this problem since he was a child. His knee dislocates and it is very uncomfortable.”

“He’s had physio sessions for years but the pain persists so surgery is the best solution to have him fully fit and ready for the demands of a long tour.”

Niall Horan

Way back in April, Niall took to Twitter to share the details about his ‘stiff and swollen’ problem, writing: “Always stiff and swollen after shows! But it’s ok I think! But I wear a knee brace all the time”. Well, the less said about THAT choice of words, the better.

Gutted to hear that Nialler might be out of action for a few days? Fancy feeding him a lemon and herb wrap while he's all tucked up in a hospital bed? JOIN THE QUEUE ALRIGHT.

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