Liam Hemsworth hops off a plane at LAX looking outrageously fit - pics

Even though we're *still* waking up each day and feeling ridiculously sad that the Christmas season is over for another year  (we know, we need to get over it) there were a few downsides to the festive time - one of which being that all the fit boys went into hiding.

So let's be thankful that 2014 is well and truly underway, because Liam Hemsworth has emerged from his little holiday cocoon and has re-entered the real world, one that's full of paps to follow his every move, and is looking bloody good. 

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Liam Hemsworth hops off a plane at LAX looking outrageously fit - Liam Hemsworth images -

Yep, we guess Liam didn't spend much of his Christmas break tucking into the endless cheese-based snacks like us, because somehow he managed to look even buffer than before as he hopped off a plane at LAX with a hoodie and a brooding stare. GAH.

Taking some styling tips from his fellow name-mate Liam Payne, Hemmo was rocking a zipped up grey hoodie, black jeans, snapback and snazzy looking trainers.

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He was also lugging about a backpack - we assume that's where he was keeping his cardigan - and we have no idea why, but boys wearing backpacks is very hot to us. It's like they're the lads from school we used to go out with that ignored us for five years.

Liam Hemworth hops off a plane at LAX looking ridiculously fit - Liam Hemsworth images -

With his hairy face and blue eyes we just want to swim in, we think we need to spend this year a lot more dedicated to Liam and his work in the field of being well buff. We're just pretty selfless like that.

But what do you reckon about Liam's LAX style? Is he looking even better than last year? Think he's got his dream stuffed in his backpack? These Party in the USA references doing anything for you? Comments please...

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