Nick Jonas reacts to Justin Bieber's egg gate scandal: 'Egging is still a thing?'

Gah - everyone's got their opinions on Justin Bieber's latest egg-pelting party trick, haven't they? Some reckon it's eggscellent, others think he's been eggstremely stupid and, personally, we think the fuss around the whole thing's eggstrordinary.

Well now Nick Jonas formerly of Jonas Brother and now of fitness and perfect arms fame has waded in on the sitch, claiming he didn't even realise egging was still something people did. But then again Justin Bieber's not exactly your average fella, is he?

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Justin Bieber egg Nick Jonas - Justin Bieber images -

Taking to Twitter to SLAM el Biebo's antics, Nick said: "Wait.. egging is still a thing?" [sic]. Well we didn't really think it was either, babes, but when it comes to Justin we tend to just nod, smile and not think too much about what's going on. It's for the best. Honestly.

Meanwhile, el Biebs could find himself facing charges of felony over the attack. Apparently his shenanigans could have caused 'tens of thouands of dollars worth of damage to his neighbour's pad. Uh oh.

Justin Bieber egg scandal Nick Jonas reacts - Justin Bieber images -

What d'ya reckon, then? Is Nick right - is egging, like, so 2013? Comments please.

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