One Direction's best selfies of all time featuring trees, toothbrushes and tongues

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Niall Horan has been on a bit of a selfie spree this week (a very productive use of his time off - we approve) tweeting an ovary melting pic along with the caption: "Thank god for filters huh! Be in an awful state without them hahaha."

Knowing us as you do, you'll be aware that we really don't need much of an excuse to have a perv over loads of One Direction photos - and this provided us with the perfect opportunity.

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AND SO, with no further ado, it's time to take a look back at the best One Direction selfies of all time. LEGGO MOTHERTRUCKERS.

Fetus Harry selfie.

Tiny hat selfie.

Tree selfie. (P.S: hahahahaha)

Ireland selfie.

Baby selfie. (Are you TRYING to kill us El Maliko?)

Photobooth selfie.

Toothbrush selfie. (WE WANT TO BE THAT TOOTHBRUSH)

Emma Roberts selfie.

Halloween selfie.

TO SEXY FOR US selfie.

Badger quiff selfie.

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Tongue selfie.

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Devine selfie.

Elounor selfie.

Ragin' selfie.

'We're quite scared' selfie.

Fan phone selfie.

Fetus Paynis selfie.

Fan in a zoo selfie.

Teasdale selfie.

Daydreaming selfie.

hairy selfie.

Hairier selfie. (Hey, four nipples).

Sad selfie.

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Ziam selfie.

Emma Roberts selfie 2.0.

Peace selfie.

Niam selfie.


Zarry selfie.

Zerrie selfie.

Toothbrush selfie 2.0.

Emo selfie.


SO, there you have it - the 1D boys are pretty partial to a selfie, and have been ever since they looked like baby bunnies a la Nialler in the above photo. What do you reckon - got any faves?

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Images: Twitter/MySpace/Rex Features

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