Harry Styles looks extremely lovely while out and about in London - PICS

One Direction having a few months off has been putting our stalking skills to the test, especially seeing as the lads seem to be popping up in various foreign countries every so often at the mo. It's a struggle.

But it looks like after weeks of LA shenanigans, a rumoured jolly hollyday in Jamaica and a quick stint at home with the Styles/Twist fam, Harry Styles is back in London, and we’re not sure your ready for how knee-slappin’, thunder crackin’, lip smackin', rootin’ toottinly good he’s looking.

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Harry Styles


One tres lucky lady spotted Harry wandering around the streets of London (we would probably fall into a ball of feels against the bus stop), and he was looking oh so lovely in a dark baggy tee, loose knitted top, skinny jeans and that well posh navy coat that turns our ovaries to cottage cheese.

There’s even a new headband that actually looks CLEAN and not dishcloth-like for us to get excited over, and we probably won't mention that whole sunkissed thing he's sporting after his globe trotting, because it might make us cry. We’re actually lightly sweating just looking at him.

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Ahh, all we can do is witness the fitness.

Harry Styles

Bonus points for particularly bodacious looking hair, Mister Styles. Stick a fork in us because we are 100000% done, and probably in need of a heart operation after that.

Has your day just dramatically improved looking at the latest snaps of 'Arry Styles? Yep, course it has, so leave us a comment and let us know how much you love him please.


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