Justin Bieber changes his name...to 'Bizzle'

What with his shenanigans over the past few months, you can't really blame Justin Bieber for wanting to reinvent and rebrand the popstar package.But now - after reports he wants to be baptised to 'cleanse his sins', Justin's taken things a step further by actually renaming himself. As 'Bizzle'.

Well this is all a bit Puff Daddy-to-P. Diddy-to-Diddy-and-back-to-P. Diddy, innit?

Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber images - sugarscape.com

Image: Instagram

Now Justin (can we still call him that? We don't even know. OH THE CONFUSION) hasn't actually changed his name to 'Bizzle' by deed poll, thankfully, but he has changed it on Instagram. And, let's face it, Instagram's basically well official anyway.

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And just how long does Jizzle Bizzle plan on keeping this new persona, exactly? Well according to one tweet to a fan, it's staying 'for now.' Hmm.

Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber images - sugarscape.com

Image: Twitter

So what d'ya reckon, then? Do you approve of Bieber 3.0's name change? Reckon Taylor Swift's next to officially become 'T-Swizzle'? Comments please.

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