Harry Styles gets a huge new anatomical heart tattoo on his bicep - PICS

It’s been a shocking six whole days since the last new One Direction tattoo was spotted, so we were starting to feel a bit funny. Y’know, shaking, night sweats, couldn’t eat much. THANKFULLY, Harry Styles has headed back to the parlour and inked himself up a treat to cure our withdrawals.

The latest addition to the 1D tattoo club was spotted on the bulging bicep of Curly Chops himself as he headed out for a few snacks in LA yesterday, and after a couple of mega zoomed in photos, we’ve finally deciphered what the fudge cake it is.

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While the fact that Harry’s been inked up again is about as shocking as the fact we’ve got a cheese sandwich for lunch, his choice of tatt is a bit unusual. While most lads might go for the classic love heart with their mum’s name written in scrolly letters, Harry’s had an ACTUAL proper scientific heart etched onto his bicep.

The tatt was apparently drawn up by London tattoo whizz Liam Sparkes, the same bloke who drew Louis’ chest piece and Harry’s giant butterfly a couple of years ago.

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Fancy getting up close and personal with Harry’s muscles? Here ya go.

Harry Styles

WELL, this just opens up a whole load of possibility for him to make cheesy jokes about wearing his heart on his sleeve really, doesn’t it? #qualitypuns from Hazza as usual.

We reckon it could also have a secret meaning in that it does look a bit like a dolphin popping out of a handbag if you squint a bit. So maybe it's representative of Harry being a gentle creature who loves accessories. Maybe.

Harry Styles

Fans first spotted the signs of the new tatt when Harry cosied up with fans at Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz show in LA a few days ago, and were worried that he’d covered up a couple of oldies. Not to worry though, as it’s a bit lower down than the rest. HOORAY.

Ooh, we quite like this one. What do you guys think? Loving or loathing Harry’s latest tattoo?


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