One Direction driving instructor talks Liam Payne's muscles: 'When he hugged me I could really feel them'

If we'd known training as a driving instructor would give us the opportunity to feel up Liam Payne for a living, we might've concentrated a little harder on the difference between parallel parking and three point turns. Apparently we've missed out on that one, but having had a little feel of the One Direction singer's torso, 1D instructor Noel Gaughan has done the right thing and decided to describe the experience in graphic detail.

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Liam Payne

Having a chat to The Daily Star about Liam's love of a good work out, Noel said: "When I was with him recently, he went all day on just coffee and KitKats - five days in a row.

“Liam’s got his own gym which he showed me around. It’s amazing.

“He even showed me his six pack - and when he hugged me I could really feel his muscles," Noel added.

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Naturally it's not enough to focus on the image of a man having a sneaky feel of Liam's upper torso and apparently the fact the 1D singer owns a treadmill has got some blabbermouth source a bit concerned. So concerned in fact that you'd think he'd been running so hard his legs were actually about to fall off or something.

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"The intensity of life in the band seems to affect Liam more than the other boys, and going to the gym seems to be one of the only things that relaxes him," the insider, who claims to be a close pal, said.

“But we do sometimes fear he might get carried away - especially if he’s not eating properly.”

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Not being funny, but you do know his name is Captain Sensible right? That's basically code for meat and two veg - and not in the willy sense of the phrase.

Don't know about you, but we're going to put our fingers in our ears and go back to imagining having a feel of Liam's sweaty abs. Not that we ever do that (we do).

Thoughts on all this?

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