One Direction's female style alter egos: Cara Delevingne, Jesy Nelson, Taylor Swift and more

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In an effort to try and make One Direction fall in love with us, we’ve recently been trying to make sure we wear a Harry headrag, a Niall snapback, a Zayn neckerchief, a Liam checked shirt and a Louis Donnie Rovers football shirt all at least once a week.

But trying to dress like One Direction is not as easy as it looks, and rather than trying to squeeze into jeans as skinny as Harreh’s, we’ve come up with the five girls who rock the 1D look almost as well as 1D themselves. We did say almost.

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One Direction

So before you take a look at our verdict, make a prediction for yourself of which celeb girls we reckon could genuinely be One Direction’s female style alter egos, and see if they match up with ours. PLEASE PLAY BECAUSE THIS TOOK AGES.

First up, we take a look at the girly wardrobe inspiration possibly behind the one and only Paynis himself, Liam James Payne.

Liam and Jesy

Alter Ego: Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson
Why?: Both partial to a bit of a plaid shirt. Both love black leather on yet more black. Both dig a snapback every so often. Both even have massive tattoos on their forearms. TWINNIES.

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But Liam does need to add a bit of 90s lipliner and some MAJOR false eyelashes before he’s really doing Jesy’s look. Work it smoochy.


Harry and Cara

Alter Ego: Cara Delevingne
Why?: Both part of that well cool London crew who only wear clothes either more expensive than our house, or cheaper than a pair of socks from a charity shop. Both love skinny jeans that make our eyes water. Both work a beanie like a pro. Both enjoy hobo chic.

All Harry needs is a bit of eyebrow pencil and they could probably pass for a slightly homeless looking brother and sister.

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Nialler, show us what we’re working with babycakes.

Niall and Taylor

Alter Ego: Taylor Swift
Why?: Both rock the clean cut image with those super shiny blonde locks. Both accessorise with a lovely geetar. Both love to go for a bit of a sporty chic touch most of the time. And look, Niall’s even got red trainers on - it’s fate.

We’re going to have to see el Horan in a pair of teeny tiny hotpants and a touch of red lippie for a final conclusion though.

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Maliko, how about you chucky egg?

Zayn and Lorde

Alter Ego: Lorde
Why?: Both inner emos and tend to stick to black on black. Both love a well moody smouldering half smile. Both so painfully cool and stylish that they actually turn us into a freezepop with just one glance.

But let’s be honest, Zayn is probably the most well dressed human on the planet and he don’t need to fashion inspiration. Soz Lorde.

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And last but not least, Luigi. OH SHUT UP YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING.

Louis and Beyonce

Alter Ego: Beyonce
Why?: Both are quite frankly bootylicious. Both love to flash a bit of ankle with added shimmer. Both a huge fan of body glitter and sassy hair flicks. And both wake up like disss, FLAWLESS.

We are so not ready for Tommo’s jelly.

OOH and AHH, that was all very wonderful and slightly weird, wasn't it? Reckon we got it right, or have you got other ideas for the 1D's female style alter egos? Leave your ideas in the comments box please, because you're usually funnier than us.

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