The 1975 prank Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Bastille's Dan in epic game of 'Call or Delete' with Nick Grimshaw - LISTEN

The 1975 lads popped down to the Radio 1 studios bright and early this morning to have a cosy chat and a cuppa with Nick Grimshaw, and of course take part in Grimmy’s mind-blowingly awesome game, Call or Delete.

In possibly the most star-studded episode of all time, the lads ended up landing on Niall Horan, Harry Styles AND Dan from Bastille one after the other (ooh-err, we mean in their phonebooks), which was not only bloody hilarious, but sent out brains into a meltdown of feels.

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The 1975 and One Direction

First up, Matty et al randomly landed on the one and only Niall Horan, and our hearts basically exploded into a thousand pieces at the thought. Nialler’s such a sugarplum that he’d probably fall for whatever you told him.

But obviously because he’s a bit of a lazy bones, he was still tucked up in bed, so the lads decided to give Harry Styles a call instead. He’s a bit of a Call or Delete veteran these days, y’know.

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Making us wanna turn inside out with cringeyness, The 1975 told Harry that they needed £5000 ASAP to deal with a couple of thugs holding them hostage in a phonebox. Harreh just sounded pretty confused by the whole thing to be honest, and very politely said he’d get his assistant on the case.

Harry and Niall

Hearing his voice on the phone honestly turns our hearts to chocolate pudding. It's not good for us.

So basically A) Harry is SO RICH that £5k is like lending a fiver to a mate, B) Harry will potentially believe anything you ever tell him no matter how mental, and C) How the fudge do we apply to become his personal assistant, please?

N’awhh, what a lovely little chuck he is. Check out the whole hilarious game, which also includes a call to Bastille’s Dan FYI:


Which was your fave bit of The 1975 calling Harry? Does hearing his voice on the phone make you want to poke yourself in the eye? Comments please.

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