Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth look seriously hot at the Noah premiere in London - Pics

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Wanna hear a funny story? Yeah? Well - before Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth his London's Leicester Square for the UK premiere of Noah last night, the carpet was your usual red. The second the stepped out of their swanky cars, though, said red carpet became awash with the saliva of hundreds of screaming fangirls. A bit gross, but they went along with it anyway.

Yup - Dougie B (sounds like a member of Blazin' Squad, no?) looked ridiculously dapper as he stood about in a three-piece Prince of Wales check (yup, we're men's fashion-types now - blame Jim Chapman) suit and exactly the right amount of stubbs. Also, we're *loving* the Liam Payne-style 'do.

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Douglas Booth at Noah premiere - Douglas Booth images - sugarscape.com

Let's take a moment out of our busy day to appreciate his face.

Douglas Booth at Noah premiere - Douglas Booth images - sugarscape.com

But Douglas wasn't the only fittie making us say 'WOAH-A' at Noah (sorry), 'cause actual Logan Lerman was also hanging around in a little navy number looking frickin' BEAUTIFUL. Also, Logan plays a guy called Ham in the movie. LOGAN LERMAN AND HAM. It's the dream realised.

Logan Lerman at Noah London premiere - Logan Lerman images - sugarscape.com

Hello Logan Lerman's face. We're just going to lick you through the screen. Is that cool with you? Good.

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Logan Lerman - Logan Lerman images - sugarscape.com

What d'ya reckon, then? Who was looking fittest last night? Wanna rock the boat with them both? Comments after this vid, please and a-thank you.


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