If you’re as passionate about carbs as we are, or you’ve always just had a reoccurring dream about eating Harry Styles’ face either in the literal or the snoggy sense, then you’re probably going to be quite interested in this story.

An artist with slightly too much time on his hands has created a series of celebrity portraits, using nothing but crushed up crackers to create their faces, and our very own ‘Arreh happens to be one of the studies. Warning: This may cause you to lick your computer screen.

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Harry Styles in crackers

24 year old Nathan Wyburn from Cardiff was asked by Jacob’s, as in the cream cracker people, to create a collection of pictures of famous faces using just their products as his creative materials, and the result is quite frankly delicious.

We've always said those dimples are scrummy, although it does also look a bit like he’s got an incurable skin condition. But let’s ignore that bit.

Nathan used a whopping 54kg of cream crackers, 12,000 Twiglets and 10kg of Mini Cheddars to create his masterpieces, with Harry’s face being constructed entirely from crushed up Mini Cheddars. We’d mini his cheddar.

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Harry crackers

The range of crunchy artwork also includes portraits of Wills and Kate, Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, and rather randomly Holly Willoughby. This is not a delayed April fool, we promise you.

Talking about his work, Nathan explained: "We all know and love Mini Cheddars so to have the opportunity to create Cheryl Cole and Harry Styles out of them was so much fun. A few mouthfuls went missing as part of the creative process but I'm delighted with the end result."

Harry crackers

OH GAHD LET US LICK IT. We might try and create our own version over lunchtime, although it will almost definitely result in us just sitting and eating a multi pack of Cheddars.

Wowza, move over Picasso. Who needs any other artwork when you can have an actual edible Harry Styles face to munch on when you get peckish? Is this all your dreams realised? Comments please...


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