Beauty YouTuber transforms herself into One Direction's Zayn Malik using makeup and it's insane - WATCH

Any One Direction fan who’s been here since the beginning will know the ol’ joke that the person who Zayn Malik fancies most in the entire world is actually not Perrie Edwards, but himself. So we reckon that we’ve found the perfect YouTuber tutorial for a makeup look that’s guaranteed to woo him.

Promise Phan and her sister Michelle are known all over the world for their insanely awesome transformations into celebs using just makeup, and her latest makeover comes in the form of el Maliko himself. LOOK.

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Zayn Malik

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. Is it weird that we almost definitely fancy her when she looks like Zayn? We’ve never been so confused.

Forget your spring inspired looks or beachy bronzed makeup, as Promise has created the ULTIMATE makeup look for your everyday style with her step by step tutorial teaching you how to get that exact Maliko mug.

In a nutshell, she shades in some fuzzy facial hair, sticks on some fake ears, grabs a quiffy wig and throws on a denim jacket, but seeing as she’s pretty talented it ends up looking ridiculously real, especially when she pretends to sing and does his heartfelt hand gestures. Twinzies.

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Zayn Malik

Identify the real Zayn Malik. 95.2% of people get this brainteaser wrong.

Check out the mental Maliko makeover in the video below, and then before long everyone on the planet will make themselves look like Zayn and the world will become a much more attractive place.

WOWZA. What did you think of that then? Impressed by Promise’s transformation into Zayn? Is she missing a few important deets? Let us know in the comments box.

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