Harry Styles reveals Liam Payne uses 'funny' chat up lines to help him with the ladies

Considering the One Direction boys share quite a lot already - tour buses, clothes, a penchant for weird and wonderful tattoos - it's hardly surprising that Liam Payne's been sharing his pulling skills with fellow bandmate Harry Styles.

Yep, while we'd always assumed it was Haz who would be passing on his words of women-based wisdom to the single 1D lads, we've clearly had it all wrong because Payno's been showing Harry how it's done - and apparently it involves well cheesy chat up lines.

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 Harry Styles reveal Liam Payne uses funny chat up lines - Liam Payne images - sugarscape.com

Considering the mere thought of Liam Payne trying to chat us up is enough to have us hysterically cackling like a full on crazy person, we find it hard to believe *anyone* needs him to feed them lines in order to give him a shot. JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE FOR GOD'S SAKE.

But according to Hazlan, it totally happens, as he's been telling Very magazine that he saw it happen with his own eyes - and revealed that the Paynis is a pro with a trusty chat up line.

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He told the mag: "I once went out with Liam and he has some funny chat-up lines. He went up to a girl and said, 'Do you have a plaster because I hurt my knee when I fell for you?!'" Incredible.

Still, we have it on good authority that Harry doesn't even use words when he's trying to chat up a lady - he just walks into the club like this...

Harry Styles reveals Liam Payne uses funny chat up lines - Harry Styles gifs - sugarscape.com

Harry also opened up a bit about his love life, explaining (for the millionth time) that he is usually just pals with the girls he's linked with.

He added: "I'd say more than 90 per cent of the people I get linked with are my friends. At the moment, it appears that I have 7,000 girlfriends, it's ridiculous."

Well, we're going to be spending the rest of our day fantasising about Liam feeding us cheesy one liners. No regrets. But what do you make of all this? Reckon Liam and the lads really do still need a chat up line to win over a girl? Comments please...

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