On Friday night poor Liam Payne took a tumble during One Direction's Where We Are Tour show at Croke Park. Yup, The Paynis went arse over tit thanks to a slippy stage, and once we knew he was OK it was sort of hilarious.

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It also got us thinking about 1D tour fails in general - and it turns out there are LOADS of them. Mostly featuring Harry Styles, because he's a bit of a clumsy clive.

From trips and falls to fire and shoes in balls, have a look at our pick of the #fails below...

Turns out that cake smeared all over the floor is a bit of a hazard...

THIS IS STILL OUR FAVOURITE GIF OF ALL TIME. Ooh we bet Liam payed for taking down the Sassquatch after this show....

Goodness gracious great balls of fire. Literally.

Good job Luigi has such a bodacious bum - it probably cushioned this fall quite nicely.

Hazlan does some very enthusiastic dancing and manages to LOSE his microphone. Cue a lot of bewildered looks and some not-very-subtle searching...

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Oopsie daisy.

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Harold takes a tumble. Again. Somebody buy the boy a crash helmet and some elbow pads for Christ's sake.

Try to drag your eyes away from the glorious sight of Liam straddling Zayn and laugh at Harry falling over. AGAIN.

A tampon to the face. Not ideal really, is it?

Even fetus Harry had problems with staying upright.

This one was actually intentional, but we put it anyway because we can't get over how FAST he's going.

The now infamous shoe-to-the-balls-gate.

And some slow dancing gone wrong. Or right, depending on how you look at it.

JAYSUS CHRIST - Zayn to the rescue.

What do you think?