Liam Payne and Sophia Smith back together after they're spotted holding hands in Birmingham?

If ypu're still lying on the cold hard ground after seeing that video of Liam Payne almost-but-not-quite taking off his jeans in Sunderland last night, you might wanna make yourself comfortable - we have more VERY IMPORTANT PAYNIS NEWS. Yup - he's been spotted holding actual hands with his actual girlfriend Sophia Smith in actual Birmingham and it's looking like Sophiam are still very much a thing. Oh thank GAHD.

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Yup - despite the rumours he's back with ex-gal pal Danielle Peazer follwoing the whole Instagram debacle, it seems Payzer *isn't* back. Nu-uh, honey. Sophiam have been spotted, there's video evidence and the feels are literally uncontrollable.

Liam Payne and Sophia Smith - Liam Payne and Sophia Smith images -

So he might have been tweeting loads of crazy cryptic shiz and depressing Drake lyrics when 1D's Where We Are tour first kicked off, causing everyone to start speculating that he might've been a single pringle again - but the fact they've been spotted strolling about a Birmingham shopping centre hand-in-hand looking like love's young dream's probably enough to shut the haters up. Gah.


Can't cope.

What d'ya reckon, eh? Well chuffed Liam and Sophia are still together? Comments puhlease...

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