5 Seconds of Summer talk about their friendship: 'We were outcasts at school, no one thought we were cool'

Imagine being at school, looking across the classroom and seeing Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum off of 5 Seconds of Summer sitting in your geography lesson. We would probably yelp and then try and shut our heads in the desk out of sheer panic.

You definitely wouldn’t get much work done anyway because their fit faces would be a pretty massive distraction, but if you’re probably thinking that they would have been part of the cool crowd at school, the 5SOS lads have revealed that they were actually sort of loserish, which just makes us love ‘em even more.

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Reminding us just why we love them so much and confirming that they’re literally the boys of our dreams, Ashton explained that although they’re massive rockstars these days, they weren’t too popular at school, which meant that they stuck together and became even better friends.

Chatting to VEVO, he revealed: “I think we sort of gravitated towards each other 'cause we were like the outcasts at school. It just wasn’t cool what we were doing. No one thought that it was special or anything like that and no one really cared.”

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Michael explained: “It kind of drove us as well. All these people were saying ‘You guys suck’.”

“5 Seconds of Summer was just a joke to them, we really worked hard to be a good band, we did everything we could to be a good credible band", Ashton added.


Ahh, yet more proof that all the popular people at school will disappear into obscurity once you leave, and the quite slightly weird Dragonball Z nerds will become the awesome ones that you want to be best friends with. JUSTICE.

Check out the full 5SOS interview with VIVO right here to hear all about how the band was formed back in the day, their first ever gig and all sorts of old school secrets:

Hands up if your ovaries just exploded with emotion. Love that the boys were still besties back in the day? Reckon it makes them a stronger band now? Comments please 5SOS fam.

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