Can you believe it’s almost six months since that cerrrr-azy day when Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing and DUI over in Miami? We laughed, we cried, we made loads of dodgy ‘Baby NOOO’ puns, and it was all very exciting. Wow, our whole life is flashing before our eyes.

Although it feels like just yesterday that he was looking dashing in an orange prison suit, it’s actually taken half a year for a decision has been made on Justin's charges, and apparently he’s now finally agreed to a ‘plea bargain’ with the judge.

Justin Bieber

Justin was originally charged with a rainbow of delightful offences including driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license, but it’s thought that Biebs and the judge have finally come to an agreement which will see these dropped.

It’s taken so long for the case to be decided as apparently the judge was keen for el Biebs to star in and pay for a anti-drugs campaign public service announcement, to give back to the community as part of his punishment.

However according to TMZ, Bieberzoid’s team thought that the request was inappropriate and declined the offer. So that's that.

Instead, they’ve allegedly settled on an undisclosed fine (probably pocket money for el Biebo. Anger management classes are also said to be part of the deal for Justin, rather than the suggested drug and alcohol education courses.

Justin Bieber

TMZ claim that Justin will be pleading guilty to dangerous driving, while all other charges will be dismissed. You’ll probs remember that police said they’d found Biebs drag racing while drunk in Miami, but blood tests and speed checks revealed he was innocent.

He did however test positive for marajuana and admitted he’d taken anti-depressants earlier.

SO, no anti-drugs campaign or time behind bars for Biebs - just a bit of cash to fork out. Reckon he's got off lightly, or has the judge made the right decision? Comments please.

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