Zayn Malik isn't the only arty member of One Direction and it turns out Harry Styles also knows his way around a paintbrush - at least when it comes to charity.

Seeing as it's set to raise a pile of pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital, Harold has turned his everyday talents of wearing stupidly tight jeans and being a generally lovely human to designing a Venetin mask with a bit of a cheeky twist for an auction in aid of the charity.

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Harry Styles designs a mask for charity Great Ormond Street Charity with Daphne's - Images -

Bearing in mind he can't put a foot out of the front door without fans jumping out of bins to surprise him, it's probably not all that surprising that Harold knows a thing or two about masks. He hasn't gone for a full face covering balaclava though and instead has given his design a slightly cheekier twist.

Deciding to paint his neon yellow, he finished it off by writing 'one day I hope to meet your mouth' across the front.

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Us too, babes - but only if your tongue is invited to the party.

Sorry that was a bit gross.

ANYWAY, commissioned by swanky restaurant Daphne's to celebrate their 50th anniversary, Harry's joined celebs including Henry Holland, Rupert Grint, Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan and Alice Temperley to design a mask, which will then be auctioned off for the children's charity.

Harry Styles designs a mask for charity Great Ormond Street Charity with Daphne's - Images -

With bids set to start at £250, it's the most expensive papier mache arts and craft session we think we've ever seen, but being for such a good cause, we'd say it's probably pretty worth it.

Plus you can always collect the DNA off it and explore the option of cloning. Not that we're considering doing that or anything (we so are).

What do you make of all this?

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Images: Twitter / Instagram / Harry Styles

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