Here's five times that Zac Efron doing some shirtless horseriding was better than life itself - PICS

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You know us pretty well by now, we’re not the sorta folks to make ridiculous over the top claims (ahem), but we reckon that the following photographs might be the most important contribution to humanity since the invention of the wheel. We’re not even exaggerating.

Basically, you just need to know that Zac Efron has been riding a stallion through the shallow lakes of Italy while completely shirtless, and the pictures to document his activities are literally better than life itself. Here’s five examples to prove it to you.

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Passing all your exams with flying colours and no revision, or seeing Zefron majestically cantering through the water like a demi-God?

Errr yep, no brainer really. That would be one nil to Zefron.

Finding a forgotten £20 note stuffed in your jacket pocket, or Zefron sparkling in the spray of the water as he storms through the scenery on his horse?

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Soz life, Zac wins again. Two nil to Zefron.

Your parents going on holiday and leaving you home alone for two weeks, or being witness to Zac having his legs spread WIDELY APART while mounting his noble steed?

Doesn’t take a genius, point goes to Troy Bolton. Three nil to Zefron.

That lad you really fancy liking your Instagram photo, or Zac leaning back at the perfect angle to show off his abs, biceps and ridiculously fit face all at once?

Life, GIVE UP NOW. Four nil to Zefron, innit.

Finding true love, giving birth and growing old in happiness, or just having this GLORIOUS set of photographs etched into your memory forever?

We’d happily be spinsters forever if it means this can be our phone lock screen. Yep, that’s five nil to Zefron and proof that his shirtless horseriding is the best thing that will ever happen to us.

Are you still alive? Or did these pictures literally make you pass out from all the emotions? Let us know your thoughts on this important issue in the comments below.

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