Gah - literally every man and his mongrel's got something to say about *that* Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber Ibiza punch-up video, haven't they? the point where our dad even called us up yesterday purely to say 'I'm glad that fella decked that Justin Beaver, little sod."

And it seems the entire world's dying to know exactly what the whole thing was over, too. Was Orlando getting a bit aggy with JB over those rumours he hooked up with Miranda Kerr at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show back in 2012? Did Justin make some sly dig about Selena Gomez? Was it all over some spilt champers at Cipriani's? Well now TMZ are claiming it wasn't the Justin/Miranda thing at all, claiming her lawyers released a statement denying any funny business two years ago.

Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber - Miranda Kerr images -

So here's the deal - someone basically told Page Six that, after Orlando 'refused to shake Bieber's hand', Justin 'said something rude to Orlando like 'She was good.' HOWEVER TMZ now reckon that - at the time of the affair allegations - Miranda's lawyer actually released a statement branding the rumours 'false and defamatory.'

According to reports, though, Orlando still didn't buy the story and they obviously split the following year. HMM. Check out the fight (for the gazillionth time) below and see what you make of it all.

Quite confusing, really.

What d'ya make of all this, then? Did Justin and Miranda hook up? Reckon it was all over that? Comments, please.

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