Justin Bieber disses Orlando Bloom on Instagram - Here's all best and funniest reactions on the internet to their fight

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Obviously the thought of anyone’s fist landing in the pretty face of Justin Bieber is totally terrible, but you have to admit that seeing as no injuries were actually caused, the fight between Biebs and Orlando Bloom is probably the best celeb story of the last millenium.

With a statement from Miranda Kerr about the whole hoo-har, and an awkward silence from the two lads since the attempted punch up, it looked like the whole thing might have come to a very abrupt and anti-climacting end... But yesterday JB stirred the pot again by dissing Orlandy on Instagram. HOORAY.

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Justin let the world know exactly what he thinks about the whole drama, when he shared a random snap of Orlando looking a bit like he was about to burst into tears, and left the pic to speak for itself by not even adding a caption.

Since the post on Instagram, things have been quite from Team Bloom seeing as he doesn’t really use social media much, so we decided to play referee and do a quick round-up of all the best reactions on the internet to their kerfuffle.

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It’s basically a load of awesome LOTR jokes really.


A swag swag SWAGGY goblin-mutant, thank you very much Legolas.

Orlando and Justin

Well this is just weird. Not sure if we're aroused or terrified.

Orlando and Justin

We probably need photographic evidence of Justin's feet before we can confirm or deny his Hobbit origins.

Orlando and Justin

When we heard about the attempted punch, that's the exact scene that sprung to mind to be honest.


And we reckon Orlando probably sized him up a bit like that. Ruddy pirates.

Orlando and Justin

OH DEAR. We shouldn't be laughing, should we?

Orlando and Justin

Oh GAHD sorry Justin et Beliebers, but you've gotta admit they are flippin' hilarious.

Orlando Bloom

Justin's defence case when this all gets to court.

Orlando and Justin

This was actually our favourite scene of The Two Towers.


SETTLE DOWN NOW, that's taking it a bit far. Still funny though.

If there's a next time, we'd be particularly interested in seeing a full on battle, possibly held at Mordor instead of a restaurant with arrows available for Orlando and plenty of swag for Justin to fire back. One Biebs to rule them all etc.

Hands up if you're secretly loving all these Justin/Orlando memes? Which is your fave? Whose side are you on? Comments about all of this, please...


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