Now that everyone's just about managed to recover from all the emotions unleashed by 361 watches of the Amnesia music video, Michael Clifford is about to have you straight back lying on the cold hard ground as he's only gone and got a pile of FIT new tattoos on his arms.

Not that we were looking or anything (we so were).

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Clearly feeling a bit excited about finally getting to share the Amnesia vid with you lot, the lads headed out for some din-dins and in the process, Mikey G revealed that he's been getting a few sneaky inkings in the past week or so.

What with that new eyebrow piercing, he's also gone and got what looks like two new armband style tatts on his left arm. Then there's the X on his finger and the quote on his other bicep, both of which have been there for a while, but which we still like any excuse to inspect.

Anyway, let's do some ogling - only out of serious journalistic interest, obvs.

We know, right? Pretty hawt.

If you're feeling anything like we are after seeing so much arm action, this might help you sort yourself out:

So come on then, what do you make of Mikey's new tatts? Would you like to lick melted ice cream off 'em or would you prefer to cover them up with a nice woolly jumper with a kitten knitted on the front?

Let us know on Twitter please, after SUBSCRIBING to us on YouTube. Go on, be our friend.

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