After all those pics of Niall Horan enjoying Wimbledon with Liam Payne and cuddling up to Caroline Wozniacki (*shakes fist* ERM NO), we were pretty hopeful that we'd see Niall practising his own ball skills any day now. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE, for that day is upon us and it is GLORIOUS.

Erm yeah. Niall played tennis/exchanged ball skills with actual Wimbledon player Novak Djokovic and it was beautiful.

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Because he is beautiful. Amen.

Is that a racquet in your hand or are you just pleased to see us?

OH ALRIGHT that was terrible. The point is that Niall and Novak are totes BFFs right now, Niall's wearing shorts and LIFE IS GREAT.

Let's inspect Nialler's ball skills in more detail.

Here he is having getting right into the spirit of things. We bow down to the inventor of men's shorts. And orange trainers, 'cause they're pretty cool too.

Great racquet/lunging skills you sport little sausage you.

Of course, all that running around makes for sweaty work, so Nialler took a little breather from playing to be an honourary ball boy. That just sits down. With still completely impeccably hair. Okay.

Hello arms. And swanky sunglasses. And general sweaty gym things (although pretty sure you should be wearing a wonderously see-through white love. Thems the rules).

Novak even showed his support for our fave Irishman by attending their Toronto show and tweeting this slightly pleasurable, slightly sensual, slightly orgasm-face, super hot pic of Niall-Dawg:


Basically the whole point of this article, apart from making as many ball puns as possible, was to let Niall know that he could practice his ball skills with us ANYTIME.


Jus' sayin'.

But what do you think about Nialler's latest sport? Reckon it suits him? Wanna see him at Wimbledon? Thoughts please...

What do you think?