Having moved on from the bow ties, braces and baseball jackets, One Direction are really quite a stylish bunch o’ chaps these days, and since the launch of Midnight Memories their style has really evolved from the Take Me Home days.

You wouldn’t expect to see Harry Styles in a blazer or Liam in an old school waistcoat anymore, would you? CHRIST NO, that’s so 2012 babes - so naturally they’ve had a bit of a makeover for the new season. Well, their waxworks have anyway.

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One Direction

Yes, you did read that right. Madame Tussauds must have had a Topman voucher to spend or something, because the boys’ official waxworks in the London museum have been tarted up for the summer and given a bit of a wardrobe update.

Their new looks are totally diffferent from the clobber that they were born in back in April 2013, and if you need a quick reminder of the old waxworks, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

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One Direction

SEE, they actually looked pretty fetus-ish and we never even realised.

The waxy Juan Dee have ditched the navy, red and white colour palette of days gone by, for something much jazzier and more similar to the sort of thing that you might see ACTUAL One Direction wearing on the Where We Are tour these days.

One Direction

Previously in a grey cardi and red polo shirt, Niall’s now looking like the ultimate fit fratboy in a green baseball tee, while Zayn’s swapped his grey blazer and checked shirt for something much moodier - a Harley Davidson tee.

And of course, Louis wouldn’t be seen dead in red jeans anymore, so he’s now sitting pretty in black skinnies, a band tee and a denim jacket. So on trend.

Oh Jesus we'd forgotten about Liam's one.

One Direction

Liam’s dressed down a bit, from a white shirt and waistcoat to his signature red plaid shirt, and seeing as he’s now president of Hipster Central, Harry’s lost the navy blazer and is now rocking one of his fave jazzy shirts.

And of course, A HEADBAND. Yep, someone did their research.

What do you think of the updated 1D waxworks? Reckon they look better, or do you prefer their old outfits? Let us know in the comments below.


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