Grab a paper bag and prepare to hyperventilate like you've never hyperventilated before - because something has happened. Something momentous.

Harry Styles has parted company with one of his beloved headrags. *pauses for collective shocked gasp*

The incident occured during One Direction's Where We Are concert in Toronto earlier this month (shut up Sugarscape, you're late etc. etc.) after The Prisoner of Hazkaban realised that it was the birthday of a fan in the audience.

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Instead of simply treating her to a cheeky little crotch thrust aimed in her direction however, Harreh went one step further - by serenading her with the ol' Happy Birthday song, removing the precious headrag from his semi-divine curly locks, KISSING IT, and handing it over.

Oh sweet Jesu can somebody please check if said fan is still breathing? Kudos to her if she is, because if that had happened to us we'd be D. E. A. D. Just saying.

Also we can't help but think that when Harry 'kissed' his rag, he was actually whispering something along the lines of 'I'll always remember you, never forget me' before brushing away a single tear.

Obviously it wasn't the trusted green headrag that he chose to part with because that would be like giving away a child, but STILL.

Unknown fan, we hope you are sleeping with it under your pillow and or/stiching it on to your actual skin as we type. Also if you read this please can you let us know what it smells like thanks.

What do you make of all this?

What do you think?