The One Direction fandom would probably give all their worldly possessions to watch the boys do pretty much anything. Every penny you own to see Niall making a ham sandwich? Surrender your wifi forever to see Zayn doing his eyebrows? Maybe even chop off all your limbs for the sight of Louis getting a mani-pedi?

You might think we’re joking, but last night fans of 1D basically paid to watch Harry Styles reading on stage, after he randomly pulled out a poetry book and started having a flick through, while the rest of the lads were doing their thank yous to the crowd. ONLY HARRY.

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Perching himself on the edge of the stage, Hazkaban looked right at home as he flicked through a copy of Charles Bukowski’s ‘You Get So Alone At Times…’, which we’re guessing is like, totally your new favourite book. Sod The Fault In Our Stars.

He may as well have had a pair of fluffy slippers on and a cuppa by his side, because Harreh seemed to forget that he was supposed to be performing in front of thousands.

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This whole thing would have been much more interesting if he’d been reading After though, wouldn’t it?

Seeing as we’re really well read (aka. looked it up on Amazon), the book is filled with the author’s musings about ‘cats and his childhood’. So that sounds about right for Harry, really.

DON’T MIND US LOVE, you just keep reading until the end of the chapter and then get back to what you’re doing. 68 thousand people don’t wanna interrupt you or anything.

Yep, just another night at your average One Direction concert. Never a boring moment.

He’s so fudging cute, it makes us want to poke ourselves in the eye. We’re off to read some Charlies Bukowski in a totally unrelated coincidence.

Are you living for Harry being adorable with his poetry on stage? Is he now officially so hipster that it hurts? Let’s have a chat in the comments below.

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