We know we probably shouldn't chuck all our eggs in one basket, but whenever we picture our wedding day there's no one else we imagine saying 'I do' to than Harry Styles. It's just inevitable really, isn't it? How else do you explain that time he waved up to the whole of block 102 DIRECTLY AT US and proceeded to have eye sex with the whole of block 102 us when we saw the boys the other month, eh? But now it seems shampoo fan Harry might be off the market, 'cause he's only gone and proposed to a bloody fan in a wedding dress.

Yup - getting on his Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards shiz, Harreh noticed a gal wearing a full-on, actual, proper wedding dress in the crowd at the lads' Where We Are gig in Philadelphia and asked to TAKE HER HAND IN MARRIAGE. This is something that has happened and we are not in tears in the office. At all. Nope.

Before we continue, here's Harry's new...er...fiancée.

So yeah - Harry and his hair (it's legitimately in 'bob' territory now, isn't it?) noticed the lucky lady (who we think is called Preeya or something but we're can't actually tell) and asked "Will you marry me?...There's been a plot twist." What ensued was basically a lot of screaming, but the sort of screaming that said 'AGH HARRY'S JUST PROPOSED TO SOMEONE AND WE LOVE HIM AND HE'S SORT OF CUTE BUT ALSO WHO IS THIS GIRL AND WHY AM I NOT HER?'. Sort of like a happy scream tinged with hatred.

Check out the whole debacle below, yo.


What d'ya reckon, then? Excited for the...er...joint Zerrie/Parry (we're just gonna say she *is* called Preeya for the purpose of this) wedding? Comments please, peeps.

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