Being in One Direction has loads of advantages, like having enough £50 notes to wallpaper several houses with, being best pals with loads of famous folk and performing in front of a bajillion fans each night, but it also has a few disadvantages - like people wanting you to be naked at all times.

Just ask Harry Styles, who seems to have a bit of a recurring problem with people being so overcome by the need to see his youknowwhat, that they just can't resist the urge to pull his pants down. If you want to support Harry through this difficult time, text DONATE to… Nah just kidding.

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We definitely WEREN'T kidding about people pulling Harreh's kecks down though, as he's admitted that not only did his bandmates do it to him on stage that time (oh blessed day), but one particular lady also wanted an eyeful back in the day.

He revealed his most embarrasing moment to Top of The Pops magazine, spilling: "I was on my friend's street and the girl who lived next door said she'd teach me a magic trick."

WELL. We already know where this is going, that minxy girl next door. How did he not realise what was coming next? He's literally a Care Bear in human form.

"She told me to close my eyes and put my hands on my head, but as I did it, she pulled my trousers and pants down in the middle of the street", Harry admitted. Taylor Swift, we're looking at you.

Let's celebrate this wonderous news with the world's best GIF. Yeah you knew this was gonna be in here somewhere, that's why you clicked isn't it? JUST ADMIT IT.

That tiny bit of inner thigh/groin area never gets old. Time to watch that over and over for the rest of the day until our eyeballs turn to stone. God bless you Liam Payne.

Wish you were the genius gal who played this prank on Harry? Reckon we should try it again next time we bump into him? Tweets, please.

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