There was a time, last summer during the Take Me Home tour, when it felt like the One Direction boys were literally getting a new tattoo every 5 minutes. Sort of around the Zayn-Malik-getting-Perrie-Edwards-on-his-bicep era. And while things have been a bit quiet on the boyband body art front lately, Louis Tomlinson's only gone and shown off a new skull and crossbones tatt on his wrist a la Zayn and Harry Styles.

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Yup - obviously we all know Harreh and el Maliko have got skulls sketched on 'em, and now Tommo's made it 3/5 with his latest really quite punk rock inking. Ooh. Looks like you're up next, Liam. Or Niall. That'd be a plot twist right there, wouldn't it?

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Luigi showed off his new skull on the lads' Where We Are tour in Detroit, and obviously errrryone on the interwebs is going slightly insane that it a) looks a bit like Harry's and b) is actually genuinely really cool. Like...cooler than the cup of tea. And the 'oops'.

What d'ya make of Tommo's new tatt, then? Ooh - whose skull d'ya like best? Let's 'ave a vote.

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