Ed Sheeran to be best man and father of the bride at Courteney Cox's wedding?

Oh, we ruddy love a good wedding. The dresses, the dodgy DJ, the buffet; we just can't get enough, to be honest. And it seems one fella who's just as much of a fan of a nuptial as us is Ed Sheeran - 'cause after performing at Scooter Braun's reception a few weeks back he's apparently set to become new BFF Courteney Cox's best man *and*...er...father of the bride. Yup.

According to reports our Edward could be giving Court away when she marries Snow Patrol fella Johnny McDaid, with a pal claiming he would 'do the job perfectly.' OH IMAGINE THE SPEECH/SERANADE.

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Chatting to the Daily Star backstage at the Virgin Media V Festival Louder Lounge, a pal of Ed's said: "Johnny and Ed go back a long way. So when it came to picking a best man, it was a no-brainer for him. But Courtney has also grown very close to Ed this year, and really likes the idea of him giving her away.

“Her Dad died years ago, and she thinks he would do the job perfectly; he’s a real gent. Poor Ed is caught in the middle and he’s been trying to work out if he can be the best man and give the blushing bride away.“He worries it’ll end up looking like something out of a sitcom.”

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Well it probably will look a *bit* like a sitcom given that it's Monica off of actual Friends, babes. But y'know.

What d'ya reckon, then? Could Ed make a good father of the bride despite the fact he's actually loads younger than said bride? Comments please, peeps.

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