5SOS's Calum Hood reacts to his nude Snapchat leaking and it's literally everything: 'Least ya know what it looks like now'

Four for you, Cal-Pal

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Alright, look. As excited as we are about 5 Seconds of Summer announcing this whole Derp Con thing, there's something else that sort of distracted us last night; CALUM HOOD'S NUDE. Like, Cal Pal's actual punk rock (hard) penis plastered all over the interweb and etched all over our oh-so-innocent (ahem) brains. 5 Seconds of Penis. 5 Penis of Penis. Penis Seconds of Penis. This is potentially the single most important moment of our lives to date.

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Yup - as we sat about gong about life as normal last night, Cal-Pal's butt nekkid Snapchat was suddenly all up on our Twitter timelines, and his reaction is basically E-V-E-R-Y-THING. Here it is with our bloody logo shoved over the top of it because of 'the law' or something boring. WHY RUIN OUR FUN, PENIS POLICE?

So how did Calum react to the whole dick pic debacle, eh? Is he stuck in a hotel room somewhere serving some Amnesia seriousface as he witnesses the 5SOSFam descend into a state of delirium? Has he gone all cry face emoji on us? Is he just generally well pissed off? Er...not quite. He actually had this to say:

Oh, and then this.

Boo, the only mistake here is that you forgot to send it to us tbh. Meanwhile, professionalism personified Michael Clifford waded in on the whole thing by leaking Luke Hemmings' nudes himself. SAY WHAAAAT.

Always knew he like a stuffed crust. What d'ya make of all this, then? Not your standard Friday morning wake-up call, eh? Comments penis. Please. We mean please.


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