Apparently Harry Styles off of little-known boyband One Direction's been 'dumped' by rumoured girlfriend Nadine Leopold because she's 'too busy to date him.' Oh SAME, babes.

Remember how, earlier this year, everyone assumed Harry and Nadine were dating after they were spotted 'kissing and holding hands' at his 21st birthday bash and got pictured buying fro yo together and stuff? Well now, with Harry pretty tied up with 1D's On the Road Again tour, she's supposedly given him the brown suede boot and left him 'gutted.'

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Okay, so last thing we heard pre-OTRA while Harreh was still in LA the pair were supposed to be 'moving in together' and all that mature-sounding malarky; but now it's all apparently OFF. Chatting to Heat magazine, a source said: "She still wants to be friends, but Nadine is really career-focused and she's told Harry she's simply too busy to date him.

"Harry is gutted. He's never been dumped before, so it's a real punch in the stomach for him. Even though they can't spend much time together Harry was speaking to her a lot and making plans to fly her over to spend the summer with him.

"Harry wants to be more than just friends, so he feels a bit sad right now. Harry liked that she wasn't going to follow him around the world - it was what was keeping him interested."

Well if it's any consolation, Harreh babes, we can't really afford to follow you round the world right now. Interested?

What d'ya make of that, then? Has Nadine actually dumped Harry or is this whole debacle a load of BS? Tweets @sugarscape would be lovely, please and a-thank you.


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