5SOS's Michael Clifford has the most adorable dog in the world


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We already knew 5SOS and dogs was one of life's great combinations, but it has now been 100 per cent confirmed by Michael Clifford's new little puppy. OH GOD IT'S SO CUTE IT'S THE FRICKING MOST ADORABLE THING.

Whilst we'll try to avoid the whole may-or-may-not-be-cheating on Federer thing, Mikey uploaded a picture of a little pup onto Twitter last night, and simultaneously exploded all ovaries across the world.

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Are we allowed to say that? We just did. Basically dogs + 5SOS = a dream come true.

Uploading a picture to Twitter, Mikey wrote: "when you're best friends with literally the cutest dog on earth."

At this point we're not entirely sure whether we want to be his best friend or the dog's best friend, but we'd take both if possible. How about you lot? THOUGHTS? Discuss with us over on our Twitter or in the comment box below, thaaaanks.


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