This is how much money One Direction have made during their hiatus

Spoiler: it's bloody loads

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BIG NEWS: One Direction are quite rich.

Ok yeah, we all knew that right? Well just to hit that home it little bit more, there's now some info doing the rounds about how much dosh the lads have made this year from 1D despite being on hiatus and unsurprisingly enough, it's also bloody loads.

Forbes have just released their list of the highest paid artists of the year and with Taylor Swift nabbing the top spot thanks to $170 million earnt from her tour and a shedload of endorsements, 1D are in second place with a pretty impressive $110 million.

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This is because the numbers are tallied from June 2015-June 2016 meaning that a large part of the OTRA Tour is counted within that fortune.

But there's still merch and music sales made during the hiatus included, so it's all quite impressive.

Either way it's nice to know the lads have enough dosh to put a meal on the table and still have change to buy their mums a nice (and probably diamond-encrusted) prezzie this Christmas, isn't it?

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