We won't ever watch Friends in the same way again. We're used to seeing Joey uttering those famous words, "How you doin'?", and seeing women fall to his feet, but we get the feeling his usual chat-up line wouldn't have the same effect now...

Yes, we know he's a bit out of our age range, but up until now we still kinda fancied him. What?! He makes us laugh. But now we're just kinda wondering if there's bottle of hair dye handy. Somehow we just don't think he's made the transition to silver fox a la George Clooney.

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We're sending somebody a good anti-wrinkle cream for their birthday this year. We hope we haven't ruined your favourite sitcom for, and just to wipe your memory free of a grey-haired, wrinkly Joey, we've got a montage of his funniest clips (without the ageing)...

This is just an awful reminder to us that hotties aren't going to be hotties forever. RPattz; don't go changing!

Is Matt LeBlanc a silver fox or a bit of a grandad? Comments, please!

What do you think?