This day has been one helluva long time coming, but by Jove it was worth the wait. Pictures of Justin Bieber topless have finally surfaced on the internet, and they're about to set the number of Bieber Fever cases soaring. 

Yup, Justin took his shirt off on Whale Beach, Sydney, at the weekend and luckily for you lot the paparazzi were lurking near by ready to get the golden pictures.

The 16-year-old teen idol played some American football on the beach with some friends, before taking to the water for a spot of, err, kayaking. Surely surfing is a little bit cooler, Justin?

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Check out this video for a whole two and a half minutes of J-Biebs with his top off:

Best two and a half minutes of your life, right?

We cannot even begin to tell you how jealous we are of that lifeguard who had her picture taken with Justin. At least he put his top back on for that though, we'd probably have turned green with envy had he kept it off.

If you saw Justin shirtless would you take a sneaky picture too? Comments please!

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