Justin Bieber wiped from the internet thanks to Shaved Bieber app!

Justin Bieber has made himself a few enemies in recent times. After making a rude finger gesture at Fearne Cotton and generally annoying a lot of men in the world by wooing their women-folk, the inevitable has happened and some computer whizz kid has invented an application that lets haters 'shun' Justin Bieber.

Web designer Greg Leuch got so fed up with Biebs that he created the Shaved Bieber application to block any mention of him from his computer for good.

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Shaved Bieber blocks Justin Bieber from your browser

It works by blacking out Justin's name whenever it appears on the internet, and all you need to do is add it to your browser to see any mentions of "Justin Bieber" or "Bieber" vanish into cyberspace forever. Shaved Bieber will also black out photos that include Justin Bieber in the file name.

Justin Bieber can now be blocked from browsers

Clever clogs Greg previously designed an application to convert upper case text to lower case as response to Kanye West's caps heavy blog. LOL!

Will you blackout Justin Bieber?

But will you be blocking Bieber? Or are you appalled anyone would consider taking such action?

We want comments from Beliebers and haters alike!


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