Rupert Grint has an ice cream van...

Boys and their toys, eh? It's no secret that most men are car mad, and saving up for their first set of wheels is pretty big deal. Our first car was a 1995 Vauxhall Nova, but imagine what you could get if you were a mega-rich film star with money burning a hole in your pocket. A Beemer? A Porshe? A Ferrari, perhaps?

Well not if your name's Rupert "Mr Whippy" Grint, who recently invested in his first, err, ice cream van. But we shouldn't laugh, because it seems Rupert's fallen head over heels for his new wheels, and has even been splashing the cash on accessories that'll pimp his ride.

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"I got obsessed with buying accessories for it on eBay - light-up cones," Rupert confided in Teen Hollywood.

It might sound like a dream come true, cruising round the country with a backseat full of frozen goodies, but driving an ice cream van isn't without its pitfalls.

Rupert told The Mirror: "It's not the most practical vehicle and I've stopped playing the music because you get young kids running out of their houses trying to buy a Cornetto. It's basically a kitchen on wheels but I love it. I've always wanted one."

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And it seems Rupert's been using his van to spread a little cheer amongst friends after he drove it to the Harry Potter set on the last ever day of filming and served up 99s for the cast and crew.

Rupert's co-star Warwick Davies was so touched he took to his Twitter page and wrote: "It brought a smile to everyones face on what was a very emotional day (sic)."

Aww, now isn't that nice?

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