Justin Bieber has been arrested!

Is there any end to Justin Bieber's talents? Not only is he a beautiful singer, an excellent mover and a thoroughly good looking individual (yes, that is a talent!), turns out Biebs has turned his hand to acting too.

When we saw a snap of Justin dressed in a prison jumpsuit on Twitter we immediately assumed he'd pulled a Lohan and gone and got himself arrested. The fool. So it was with great relief that we discovered Bieber was simply filming for an upcoming episode of hit crime drama CSI, in which he claims to play a "BAD MAN!!"

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Er, we assume he means boy. Bad boy.

And it seems Justin is pretty excited about the role after he took to Twitter and wrote: "BIG DAY today...excited. doing something new.

"CSI premieres on Thursday, Sept 23rd on CBS ... and I told you I was a BAD MAN!!"

After filming Justin was straight back on Twitter to let fans know what a great time he had on set.

He added: "Amazing day ... excited for you guys to get to watch it ... and yes i did prank the EP of the show ... somebody got locked in the closet. ;)

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"Thanks to everyone at CSI for having me."

Er, Justin, we hope this doesn't mean you're about to turn your back on singing in favour of a career on the silver screen!

Few details have been released about Justin's CSI character, but we do know he will play a teen called Jason McCann who's got a tough decision to make. Go on Biebs, just tell us - did you kill someone!?

Do you think Justin Bieber is hard enough to play the bad guy? Comments please!


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